PennEtch® Emblems are an etched micro suede patch that utilizes the latest laser technology to provide high quality detail. Decorative materials are fused to a base layer, then laser etched to different depths creating stunning texture. This emblem is lightweight with outstanding details in a variety of colors.

    Minimum Size 1.0” x 1.75” (2.5cm x 4.4cm)
    Maximum Size 13.0” x 17.5” (33.0cm x 44.5cm)

    Minimum text size is 3/16″

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    Production Time
    Will ship in 12-15 Business Days
    Artwork Tip:

    Vector files required

    Available Backings
    Low Melt (Heat Seal)
    • Quick and easy to apply
    • Ideal for thin fabrics and home laundering
    Pressure Sensitive (Stick-On)
    • Removable and Reusable
    • Perfect for special events or promotions
    Available Borders
    No Border

    Home Laundry

    Heat Seal Instructions

    • Hot Melt
    Temperature: 325-340°F
    Time: 12-25 seconds
    Pressure: 4-6 bar (heavy)

    • Low Melt
    Temperature: 285-300°F
    Time: 10-15 seconds
    Pressure: 2-3 bar (light)

    • Self Adhesive
    (can be peeled off, not suitable for laundry)

    • Etched micro suede emblem that utilizes the latest laser technology
    • Lightweight
    • A variety of colors
    • The material is fused to the base layer and can be lasered to different depths creating multiple textures and finishes.
    • Outstanding detail with exceptional quality
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Proudly made in the United States
    Minimum Quantity 50 pieces
    Customer Support

    Order PennEtch® Emblems by emailing or calling our Customer Support team at 800-793-7366. You can also order by contacting us via our Contact Page.