Country Flags

    Country Flags

    Represent your patriotism and pride of your heritage with Country Stock Flags. Bold colors and low pricing makes these emblems a classic, simple addition to uniforms, hats, bags, jackets and more.

    Dimensions: 3.5 X 2 (stock)

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    Fabric – 100% Polyester Twill

    Thread – 100% Polyester for Embroidery Thread and Floss

    Production Time
    Will ship in 1-2 Business Days
    Artwork Tip:

    Accepted Graphic File Types: .cdr, .ai, .eps, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .psd

    Accepted Embroidery File Types: .dst, .emb, .pxf, .tbf, .dsb, .exp.

    *Additional sample charge

    Available Backings
    PennBond® (Heat Seal)
    • Can withstand industrial laundering
    Low Melt (Heat Seal)
    • Quick and easy to apply
    • Ideal for thin fabrics and home laundering
    Available Borders
    Merrowed Border
    • Separately stitched overlock edge
    • Commonly used on squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, and ovals
    • Protective Edge to keep edges from fraying
    • Your choice of thread color

    • Home Laundry

    Heat Seal Instructions

    View Heat Seal instructions

    • Quick and easy ordering
    • Wide variety of designs
    • Great addition to uniforms, hats, bags, jackets or any apparel item to display your pride
    • Celebrate your heritage!
    Minimum Quantity 12 pieces
    Algeria – ES1903298
    Argentina – ES1904155
    Australia – ES1903318
    Austria – ES1903331
    Bangladesh – ES1903309
    Bolivia – ES1903293
    Brazil – ES1903294
    Cameroon – ES1903316
    Canada – ES2527020
    China – ES1903306
    Colombia – ES1923301
    Congo – ES1903335
    CongoRepublic – ES1903312
    Ecuador – ES1903295
    Egypt – ES1902083
    France – ES1903292
    Germany – ES1903330
    Guam – ES2427003
    India – ES1903305
    Indonesia – ES1903302
    Ireland – ES2438373
    Italy – ES1903332
    Japan – ES1903301
    Libya – ES1903299
    Luxembourg – ES1903338
    Malaysia – ES1900090
    Mexico – ES1902078
    Netherlands – ES1903327
    Nigeria – ES1903310
    Norway – ES1918268
    Oman – ES1903325
    Philippines – ES1903304
    Singapore – ES1902086
    South Korea – ES1909449
    Spain – ES1903334
    Thailand – ES1903311
    Venezuela – ES2275212
    Vietnam – ES1903308
    Virgin Islands – ES2427012
    Yemen – ES1903326
    Customer Support

    Order Country Flags Emblems by emailing or calling our Customer Support team at 800-793-7366. You can also order by contacting us via our Contact Page.