American Flags

The American Flag is a symbol of patriotism, pride and honor. While it is flown from flag poles and front porches, you can display the Red, White and Blue on your uniforms, hats, bags, jackets and more! These classic emblems are ideal for military uniforms, law enforcement and motorcycle clubs.

Corporate and National Logos

Corporate and National logos are a high quality, professional and durable representation of your elite brand. Stock emblems for nationally recognized brands are made to order upon request – any shape, color, fabric and backing all available same day.

Country Flags

Represent your patriotism and pride of your heritage with Country Stock Flags. Bold colors and low pricing makes these emblems a classic, simple addition to uniforms, hats, bags, jackets and more.


Postal emblems are a mark of distinction, service and credibility to a brand. Add these patches to a postal uniform for easy recognition and quality brand representation. Postal patches are all fully embroidered, ensuring a quality design.

Safety and Security, Police

Emblems promote safety and security, giving uniforms a recognizable badge to ensure trust between police or security personnel and the public. Emblems can be made with traditional fabrics and threads or increase visibility and security with High Visibility and Reflective options.

State Flags

Having pride for your hometown state is easy to show off in style with Penn Emblem State Flag Embroidered emblems! Each State or Country Flag Patch is available in different sizes and styles, and can be customized upon request.