Flame Resistant Emblems

Every second counts when it comes to protecting workers exposed to flames. Flame Resistant Emblems are made with the same techniques as custom embroidered emblems but with the added protection of 100% flame resistant fibers, combining safety with identification for high risk settings. This patch is safe, durable, removable and ideal for high risk environments and industrial garments.

High Visibility

This is the ideal option for extreme working conditions and garments that need to stand out! High Visibility emblems are made of fluorescent materials and threads that reflect more light then they absorb and are highly visible in daytime and low light conditions. This style is ideal for the safety and fashion market, as well as industries that must meet federal safety standards for PPE.

PennFlex™ Badges

Penn Emblem’s PennFlex™ Badges lead the market in customization and extreme attention to detail. A badge is the first place the eye is drawn on a professional’s uniform as it exhibits honor and commitment. PennFlex™ is specifically ideal for safety and security badges because it captures the core principles of the emblem, such as rank, while not losing the intricate features and art of the overall design.

Reflective Striping

Stay safe in any condition and stand out on the job with Penn Emblem Reflective Striping. High visibility, vivid colors illuminate in darkness, fog or any inclement weather. Ideal for safety and fashion markets.

Reflective Emblems

Stay noticeable with Reflective Patches. These durable reflective patches are made of Scotchlite™ by 3M, providing enhanced visibility to keep workers safe in dim light/darkness, fog/smoke or inclement weather. By combining vibrant colors with identification and safety, it is ideal for fashion and safety industries.