Expressprint™ Thermal Garment Identification Label Printers

ExpressPrint™ incorporates state-of-the-art thermal sublimation technology and has been engineered to offer the fastest production of industrial launderable garment labels found anywhere. In addition, it is capable of printing up to 200 bar code or man-readable labels per minute. The ExpressPrint™ system produces the T2 Label — the strongest and most durable ID label in the industrial laundry. If cost is your concern, choose the ExpressPrint™ Mini printer. You’ll get the same great ExpressPrint® quality labels from a smaller printer at a slightly slower speed (100 labels per minute).

Heat seal machines

Penn Emblem keeps your emblem bonding in mind with state of the art Heat Seal Equipment – machines designed for applying emblems, garment ID labels, mending materials, transfers and other heat seal-able materials. Penn Emblem also stocks machine parts including silicone sponge pad assemblies that decrease bonding failures, in addition to providing complete overhaul and reconditioning services.

Industrial and Clean Room Mending Materials

No matter the tear, Penn Emblem has you covered – simple repairs save you money and our exclusive line of mending material extends the life of apparel. Fix fabric rips and tears to keep workers looking sharp, while reducing the frequency of uniform replacement.

PennLock®(RFID Chip)

PennLock RF-ID Chip Cover helps secure an RF-ID Laundry Chip to garments to aid in identification and protect the chip throughout laundering.

Pre-Printed Labels

If your company does not have the equipment to print Thermal Transfer labels or your volume does not justify the purchase of thermal transfer equipment, Penn Emblem can provide printed labels to your business at a fixed price based on volume. Penn Emblem can print logos, text and sequential barcodes utilizing our most current label tape, ExpressPrint™ T7. Easily import your data from a spreadsheet and print automatically to an approved design format, streamlining the entire process.

Tape and Ink Ribbons

Easily mark and track garments or linens with PennSeal Comfort Tape® ID Labels and Ink Ribbons – durably fuses to garments and textiles with simple heat application. Create and print your own ID labels in house! Penn Emblem manufactures ink ribbons for all dot-matrix computer label systems. Simply indicate what printer you utilize and we will provide you with the proper ribbon.

T7 Thermal Identification labels and Clean Labels

With over 30 years of experience developing garment identification label tape technology and systems, Penn Emblem Company is introducing its newest innovation, ExpressPrint™ T7 Thermal Label Tape as your trusted label tape solution. With extended durability and color retention for improved scan rates, ExpressPrint™ T7 Thermal Label Tape improves your budget, inventory control, and labor hours.