Top 5 Halloween Sublimation Ideas

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    Turn a profit this Halloween. Sublimation makes it scary easy to transition into Halloween month. Sublimatable blanks allow your business to print intricate designs and artwork onto a variety of promotional products, making it easy to cater to your customer’s Halloween needs. Below are our favorite Halloween sublimation ideas!

    Sublimatable Apparel

    Many Apparel items can be fully sublimated in full photo-color, making it easy to print full color designs. Customers can customize apparel and accessories such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, socks and bags with their original Halloween designs and logos. These items make great giveaways at events and parties, and can even be sold as a fundraising item as well for school’s and organizations.



    Drinkwear is both a practical and decorative Mugs are a classic sublimation staple and one of the most popular products to sublimate. Quirky and colorful designs can be printed onto mugs to celebrate the season, and make great promotional items for brands and organizations to commemorate an event or holiday.



    Customers can protect their tables and add a spooky touch to their homes with custom Coasters. Much like other imprintables, these coasters can be printed in full photo-realistic color, so photographs and artwork will not lose any detailing. Coasters can also be used as favors at a Halloween party, and customized to fit the party’s aesthetic.


    Halloween Sublimation Photo Frame

    Photo Frames

    Customers can personalize photo frames with images and Halloween themes to commemorate their holiday. Photo 
    Frames come in a variety of different styles and sizes, so
    that they’ll fit whatever photograph they need.





    Ornaments are not only for Christmas time. They make great commemorative home decorations or can even be used as accessories on bags. Personalize them with names and dates to give them an individual touch.



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    Everything you need to get started is available from ImprintsUSA, your one-stop-shop for blank imprintables and sublimation systems. Order your blank imprintables and sublimation systems from, a subsidiary of Penn Emblem Company. Email Lynne Kaplan, the sublimation expert, for any questions or inquiries on how to be successful with sublimation.

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