#PennPeople – Meet Lilly Tobon, Penn Emblem’s First Shift Production Supervisor

    blog - #PennPeople – Meet Lilly Tobon, Penn Emblem’s First Shift Production Supervisor

    Penn Emblem Company’s PennPeople blogs spotlight exceptional employees and their acheivements.

    Celebrating her 11th anniversary in 2017, Lilly Tobon started as a single head machine operator in the Hand Special Department at Penn Emblem.  Tobon went through many challenges in her career at Penn Emblem and worked in many different departments, learning the business. Through hard work and dedication, she was able to move up to be the First Shift Production Supervisor where she is working today.

    Tobon has many accomplishments in her time working at Penn Emblem. She is proud to work with so many unique people in different areas and know that she can make improvements to contribute to Penn Emblem’s success. Tobon has also been awarded with The Penn Award twice, an award given annually to a select group of employees who excel in their specific areas and go above and beyond in their day to day work.

    Tobon has a lot of respect for her team and is thankful for all of the help they give her from day to day in the workplace. “I want the people that work with me to see me as a leader and to be an example for them. I want to help them succeed and reach their goals,”

    Always up for solving the challenges in her position, Tobon is proud of how far she has come within the company. She is always learning and looking forward to growing as an employee.

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