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    Every year, all Penn Emblem locations participate in the Blumenthal Service Awards, highlighting the years of service each employee has given to our company. The Penn Emblem Service Awards in the Mira Loma, California location recognized employees with milestones with the company, awarding them with gifts and certificates. We want to thank each and every Penn employee for their time and expertise and look forward to continue to grow with them moving forward.

    Alejandra Bonilla – 3 years

    Sagrario Gondinez-20 years

    Maria Olvera – 3 years

    Sandra Vargas – 3 years

    Cathy Pinedo – 20 years

    Belen Alfaro – 3 years

    Amelia Rodriguez – 20 years

    Alexis Elias – 3 years

    Gilberto Rodriguez – 25 years

    Viviana Ramos – 3 years

    Rita Leybelman
    Created On November 2, 2018 by Rita Leybelman

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